Sunday, August 30, 2009

....Its over, finally

" took me long long time" i love hearing Lobo and this song. So good to be back and scribble here again. Sooo... its over, i dearly wish i could say, its all over for me! alas! i can not. delivering this book took me five times more than what a pregnant woman takes for delivering her baby and pain also 5 times more! The thesis came with an extremely heavy price tag, much of it i couldn't bear finally. Quality? you certainly have to ask my examiners including my thesis supervisor, at the days end it does not matter what i feel about it, i wonder whether it mattered any time?

Here comes the desertion submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy titled

"Grain boundary processes in high temperature densification and deformation of nanocrystalline zirconia"
This thesis concentrated on few important structural behaviour which is strongly influenced by the grain boundaries. Grain growth, grain boundary diffusion, densification and creep are to name a few. Important findings? there were few with significant impact, well i have talked about it to so many people and so many times... i will do it in a separate post...important thing is its more or less over...
How did it feel? does that 186 page dissertation changed anything? Yes it did, certainly it did, but frankly speaking i did not feel anything, whether sadness or happiness. I shed couple of drops of tears i dont know for what. This realization, although cliche, that this book willfully will be read only by me and except me on earth it really did not matter to anyone, hits hard at time. not to mention i longed that it would have some impact...alas! practically no point in discussing it... but hey, you know, its over.....thanks...