Monday, August 08, 2005

The damned Mobile phones

I am an Engineer and I always marvel at the great technological creations of human civilizations, but not this one! I don’t know who got this idea of developing Mobile phone. This is an discovery, I put it in similar to an effect of Rutherford‘s experiments on atoms. The great soul never thought the research will lead to a killing of millions and will give the world a permanent threat. The highly misused mobile phones are of the same order, people who doesn’t need it carry it everywhere, some are real fools! Once in Rex we were watching a movie and one guy was on his phone continuously, so Guru politely requested the guy to go out of the theatre and talk. The first reply he got, “As because u don’t have cell, I cant stop using it!” and that followed with some moron (ish) acts. Even in the work places sometimes it’s a pain. God knows when human will make some more advancement and put a chip in their brains so that they’ll connect the satellite straight away and the majestical, irritating tones will ring inside their brains!

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