Saturday, March 04, 2006

The small and the large colony

Sometimes back i wrote about them. I wrote about the tiny one and told the story about a big one. I did not have evidences for the big ones that is seen in my balcony. I was expecting them to come back and they certainly did! couple of days back the bees came back to my balcony for the third consecutive year. Like the migratory birds these bees somehow find my balcony! I wish there was a chance for me to build a tourist spot, i could have earned some money. It is really interesting how they come back to the same place and during same time of the year. Although the traces of their hives are wiped out each time, they build it at the same place. Mr. Ponnana from echological studies comes to remove them, he is an amazing guy, fearlessly he removes them. He has developed a technique which is an unique one, it kills less than 5% of the bees while breaking the hives. He showed me how the bees make their next destination. Once the house is under attack the few of the bees, always on their toes, run to find the next place , others find a temporary place to stay which may be a nearby tree or something that sort, once the search bees find the place the all fly to the new place. There are people who does serius resarch on this and can put much more interesting vews than this. For me, they (the bees!) are little bit of nuisance but no complains, i will peacefully share my balcony with millions of bees for next few days.

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