Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Prof. Nabarro no more

...Its quite sometime since the incident happened, Prof. Frank Regiland Nunes Nabarro the undisputed authority of dislocation theory passed away in a hospital on 20th July at the age of 90. Almost everyday we talk about Nabarro-herring creep and duing this nano 2006 many times the name came. Titas, who was collaborating with him gave me the news recently. Prof. Nabarro came to IISc this year and spent few days in the campus, he appeared a strong willed person even at the age of 90. He worked in University of Witwatersand, Johanesberg for 53 long years.....

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Ramanarayan said...

Hi Santa,

It looks like u guys had a nice time during nano2006. Boy! I am missing those good time at iisc I had during phd days.