Sunday, November 15, 2009

Loughborugh street fair

The town center in Loughborough appeared very different during last three days. Its the annual street fair which was taking place at the center. This street fair is quite unique in its nature and probably one of the largest in UK. It was quite amazing to find that the small town center can accommodate so many people and such huge rides.

I was amazed to read that Loughborough Royal Charter street fair was established in 1221, nearly 800 years back! also it was very surprising to me that a small town such as loughborough holds such a big event. nevertheless the crowed turnout will certainly help in realizing why it was so. I this early winter day you will feel warm, once you are inside those exciting and heart stoppable rides and hungry with all delicacies on the stove. Honestly speaking the
fair has something to offer from 8-80s. There are lots of rides, games and toys for the Kids, i saw many old couples holding each others hand enjoying the event.

Loughborough street fair has a rich histoy. This carnival marks the end of the travelling season in UK. The fair went through many ups and downs during world wars. There were efforts to move the fair out of the Loughbrough but it did not go out of the place.
The fair covers three streets at the town center including the town center. There are around 20 big rides. Colourful shops and wonderful food stalls. It was too late when i came to know about it, but i am certainly looking forward to more exploration next year.


Santanu said...

its surprising to know that the fair is continuing for such a long period.. You can enjoy next year right from day 1..

Alice said...

Sweet! I love this kind of events, this kind of fairs. The always manage to remember me of that sweet period when I was a did your post. Thank you!

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