Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cricketing memories

.....Its a quite old event, i mean its 3 months old event, before i broke my finger and before we faced all kind of problems. This was our first match in league and we won it as we had won the last one. These are the big stars of IISc cricket team, and the small stars are at the bottom. partha got 6 wickets and I scored 75 in that match. Most of the team performed in similar fashion in other matches but unfortunately Sandeep's camera couldn't catch them. Kapil the caps is not here. ViveK, Mahesh are also missing.

Srini, Sachin, Partha, Atul, Kumar, Venu (star faculty), Jackie (Santanu)
Sandeep, Uncle (Surinder), OP, Saru(Sarendra) and me

Me and Partha


Kiran said...

Back at the pitch with a bang! Good job.

Atul said...

Arey yaar I am wondering how have you added these pictures in your blog on 4th of December ????

Santonu said...

Atul, i took it from sandeep and scanned them before you had the CD at your hand!

Atul said...

oh ho ... Is it so .... that's pretty fast yaar... not like my delayed reply :P