Friday, December 09, 2005

memory under freeze

...Saswata has kept a hard disk inside a freeze to retrive data from it :D, First time i had laughed like this. Although he is famous for humourus activities but this time i was fooled as i found people have found it as a good technique for retriveing data from the "failed" hard disk. So just take the HD and keep it inside a freeze for couple of hr. and fix it back, if you are lucky then you'll get your data back. Sounds like a cool trick. May be Semiconductor guys can put some light on it, and from materials scienctist point of view its really interesting.


saswata said...

Than you for the compliments.


Santonu said...

Another addition in funda: Saswata says, this trick works with audio cassates also! its related to the alignment of the magnatic domains, ..... but i have aquestion, why not put a coolant system inside a tape recorder, it will be like a cutting machine :D