Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indian Green Chicken

Time to change the taste! I am writing my first post on recipe. Adding another label to the blog post (as if it was less).
Indian Green Chicken is actually a Indian curry dish made using spinach
Chicken (boneless) 400 gmsPalak/Spinach 250 gmsOnion 2nos. medium sizeGinger garlic paste 2tbspTomato 2nos. medium sizeGreen Chilli 1 no.Oil 1 tbsp
For marination:
Lime juice 1/2 tbspCurd 2 tbspPepper & Salt to tasteRed chilli powder- 1pinch
Whole garam masalaBay leaf 1 no.Coriander powder 1/2 tbspCumin powder 1/2 tbsp Turmeric powder 1/2 tbspGaram masala powder 1 pinch

Boil palak in 4 cups of water, till it turns soft & green.2.Drain the water and blend the palak to form a thick paste.3. Marinate the chicken for 10-15 mins.4. Put the marinated chicken into the microwave for 3 mins (High power)5. Stir it and again heat it in the microwave for 5 mins.6. Heat oil in a vessel, add whole garam masala and bayleaf.7. Add the chopped onion, fry it for 2 mins.8. Add ginger garlic paste.9. Fry it till the onion turns brown.10. Add chopped tomatoes and the green chillies.11. Stir it for 3 mins.12. Add salt and other spices.13. Stir it till the tomato becomes pulpy.14. Add the chicken stalk and boil it for 1 min.15. Add the palak paste and boil it for 5-7 mins.16. Add the chicken and cook till the desired gravy consistency is achieved.

Tip: Instead of curd, vinegar can be used for marination

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